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At Redmond Kids Dentistry, the best of Redmond, we send a monthly eNewsletter to help educate our patients about oral health and other dental topics.

Most Recent eNewsletter:
February 2018
• Does Lip Gloss Damage Your Oral Health?
• Why You May Want to Let Your Kids Brush with Phone Apps
• What Happens if Your Child Swallows Toothpaste?

Past eNewsletters:
January 2018
• How Sleeping with Your Mouth Open Hurts Your Mouth
• When Should You Expect the First Teeth to Erupt for Your Child?
• How Games Help Kids Brush

December 2017
• Signs Your Tooth Could Be Dying
• Easy Tricks to Balancing Your Child's Diet for a Healthy Smile
• Making Flossing Fun for Kids

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